Seeking Love and Relationship Advice

Seeking love and relationship advice can strengthen this affair that you have. Doing this can help make your love last. Each relationship is distinct from the rest yet there are things which relationships may share in common. By knowing these principles, love and the relationship that you have can be made to be healthy, meaningful, exciting and fulfilling.

Physical intimacy must be kept alive. A primary aspect of existence that we have as humans is touch. A caring touch, based on studies, can do great things and great feats for infants. It is said that touching will help them mature and develop optimally.

Touch is not only essential during childhood but even as we reach maturity. Being touched affectionately can enhance the oxytocin levels. This oxytocin is a hormone affecting our sense of attachment and bond.

In an adult relationship, sexual intercourse may be a cornerstone that matters. Yet intimacy may not only be displayed through performing sexual act but also through habitual affectionate touching including hugging, holding hands or kissing. Such are ways that promote touch and when we touch some other person that we love or we are touched by a person who loves us, the benefits that come with it are great.

You also have to be sensitive to the needs or likes of your partner. Touch can be healthy in a relationship yet it is likewise essential to find out what the partner prefers. This way, when you know just what and how he/she wants it, you could cater and provide it. Doing that will make your partner happy and you will be happy as well.

You need to know as well if your partner does not want to be touched as this inappropriate approach can cause your partner to retreat or feel tensed. Of course, that is not the kind of reaction that you want to achieve. So it is best to be clear right from the start so that you would not be stepping on boundaries and yet you will also not fall short from any expectations from your partner.

A piece of love and relationship advice which you may already have heard yet is still not being applied by most people. This is spending some quality time with their partners.

Your first date with your partner is usually a fond memory to behold and remember. During those first times of dating, things have seemed exciting and fresh. You may just chat with each other for a long period of time; you may both have decided on something new and thrilling to try. Yet how quickly time flies.

Right now, you may already have children or may already have demanding jobs and careers. You could now be driving or commuting on a long route, pursuing different hobbies or attending other obligations that may be stopping you to spend time with each other.